Web Video Ad | Big Dog Survival via Madwire Media

Sometimes, here at Madwire Media, we even out-do ourselves. Recently, our video director asked me to create a new, more advanced web video ad for one of our ecommerce marketing clients in order to test my skill with Adobe After Effects.

Mine, the new one:

 The old one:

On mine:
Tools / Materials: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Time: Aprox 15 hours (included planning; storyboarding; image, video, and music selection and purchasing, and creating the video)
Company: Madwire Media
Client: Big Dog Survival

Video Illustrations - Group Publishing

Although of my art work for Madwire Media has involved illustration, I've had the pleasure of working with their Video and Motion Graphics department on a series of illustrated videos about Group Publishing's Children's various curriculums (detailed in previous posts). Group's sales teams use these videos to explain to potential customers how their products worked and how they're structured. Group's marketing team told me that these videos have increased their sales conversion rate substantially.

I initially started just drawing illustrations for the videos. However, as the requests from the client became more complex and the budgets available for the projects grew, I was able to create a few full animation clips using traditional (2D) animation methods, which you can see below.

Here was my process:
Madwire's Video Director gave me the video's finalized voiceover and a script with an extremely rough story board of what content the client wanted in each shot. Often, I created additional shots/drawings to visually clarify some of the client's more complex ideas. I then created the initial drawings in graphite or animation pencil and sent them to the client for approval. After all revisions and final drawings had been approved, I inked and vectorized the drawings and then sent them to Madwire's video department to create the video's motion graphics, basic motion (moving eyes, blinks, motion effects, etc), editing, and final video rendering.

Just a Pinch of Illustration - Madwire Media

Working for a webdesign company has allowed me to learn and use a variety of styles in my illustration. Below is a "Fashion concept" style I illustrated for an e-commerce website background. This is a great example of how a pinch of illustration can add a lot of flavor to a graphic design.


I've noticed how being exposed to diverse ideas and mediums, broadens my horizons and helps to both inspire me and guard me against creative stagnation, regardless of my current occupation at the time. As a result, the work I create is very eclectic. Meaning, thefreedictionary.com's definition of eclectic, "[to] employ individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles."

If you aren't already, would encourage you to be more eclectic in your life and work; always looking for elements and concepts from areas unrelated to your own. Who knows? You my find something that sparks that "ah ha" moment to make what you do better.

On a related topic, I've recently added some new blogs to my "Creative Feed" below. Here are a few of them:

On a slightly unrelated topic:
I've been working on some illustrations for Madwire Media's motion graphics artist, Brian Davey, on a series of online video spots for local publishing company, Group Publishing. Below is the video of the animation that I mentioned in the previous post as well as another video spot we just finished. The idea was for us to communicate the product message effectively using a very simple style and stick figures. As it turns out, the publishing company liked them a lot and will be doing several more fun spots like these.

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